Products of the Month

COVID-19 PPE Signage

We are monitoring the ever-changing business landscape during COVID-19 and as difficult of a time it is, we want to make sure your business or facility is taking all of the necessary precautions to combat and prevent the virus from spreading. From banners, floor decals and barrier kits to custom-printed masks, keep you and your visitors safe by ordering your COVID-19 PPE signage today.

Political Signage

Count on dFX for all your political campaign signage. We print and deliver your yard signs, large coroplast, and other campaign signage on time and within budget. We believe in keeping the work local and supporting small businesses and in turn, we pride ourselves on supporting our candidates as best we can with aggressive pricing and a widespread list of products.

Smart Signs & Graphics

Ask about dFX’s Smart Sign & Graphic Technology that is completely touchless! We use Near Field Communication (NFC) Tags to take your signage further and let them convey more than just the messages on the signs themselves. Simply hold your phone a few centimeters away from your poster, banner, wall graphic, or decal and your smartphone will instantly direct you to a webpage, app, audio or video file, and more. No QR Code or App Required!

Imagine going to a restaurant or bar in today’s environment and seeing a mural or poster on the wall or a vinyl decal at the dining table. Now imagine being able to simply hold your phone up against any of these signs and it pulling up the place’s menu, without a QR code or the use of an app. Simply unlock your phone, scan the sign and boom! This eliminates the need for physical menus which means less cost for you and less touching for customers.

Imagine going to an art exhibit and putting your phone up against a wall decal next to a particular piece or exhibit and it opening up an audio or video file explaining the history behind or some interesting information about the art piece or exhibit.

Imagine going to a company and seeing a wall mural exuding a timeline of events that mark important moments in the company’s history. Each point in the timeline has a little icon under each year which people would hold up their mobile device, and it would pull up interesting points that occurred in that year.

With dFX’s Smart Sign & Graphic Technology, all of this is possible and so much more! Our smart signage is just another way dFX is staying innovative to offer safe and cutting edge ways to keep your business running and thriving.



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